It can be denied that the need for secure internet access is on demand. Many people need their privacy when doing their business and personal activities. Nowadays, the internet becomes the primary needs of our life. It is integrated with many devices used in our house and work’s place. One good solution that available for secure access and connection derives from the VPN.

VPN is the Virtual Private Network that can provide the users get the internet access in secure and private. VPN works through the encryptions system called tunnel. This tunnel allows the internet traffic goes securely. The VPN works based on the different VPN protocols. Let’s learn more about the VPN protocols. The types of VPN Protocols are:

  • Internet Protocol Security
    The Internet Protocol Security or called with IPSec is known functioned to secure the communication on the IP network. It secures the communications through authenticating and encrypting process the data. Internet Protocol Security works in different modes. They are tunneling and transport mode. If functions to secure the data between various networks.
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocols
    This protocol used for creating a high security of VPN connection. It works by creating a tunnel between two connections to get the secure VPN connection. Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is also known as L2TP. In this protocol, the tunneling combined with other security VPN connection to form a good and secure connection for the users.
  • Point to Pont Tunneling Protocol
    Point to Pont Tunneling Protocol is also known as PPTP. Among many types of VPN protocols, the Point to Pont Tunneling Protocol is mostly used by many users. PPTP become the tunneling protocol used on Mac and Linux.
  • Secure Sockets Layers and Transport Layer Security
    Secure Sockets Layers and Transport Layer Security works by creating the connection between the browser and the network. This type of VPN protocols widely used by the online shop websites and some service providers because they can easily change into the SSL and no need a special action to do that.
  • Secure Shell
    The Secure Shell or called the SSH makes a tunnel as the place for the data transfer and make sure that it had been encryptions. All the data that go through this tunnel is safe and secure. The SSH connection is made by the client through the encryption tunnel.

There are many types of VPN protocols that can be used to make a secure connection. The types of VPN Protocols above can be used as your guideline in choosing your best VPN protocol.