Nowadays, more people depend on the access of the internet to connect with the outside world. There are many purposes performed by the internet for business people, travelers, freelancer and more. Those work fields advantage the internet access to have stable communication with others. Things need to consider when you are using public internet access is the security of your personal data and information that transmitted through the connection.

Irresponsible parties might steal the data and sell it to others without you know it. Therefore, it is important for you to take the VPN service to protect you for the unfortunate things in the future. VPN or Virtual Private Network designs to give secure internet connection for the users. In general, there are two main types of VPN. There are:

  • Client-Based VPN
    The Client-Based VPN is the Virtual Private Network between a personal remote and user internet network. The base system for the Client-Based VPN allows the personal user to log in and authenticate with the password and username. The Client-Based VPN creates the tunnel which has been encrypted to the remote internet network from the user’s smart device.
    Some applications and operating systems used the Client-Based VPN as their internet connection, such as Pulse, Palo Alto Networks’ Global Protect, Windows, Mac OS and more. The Client-Based VPN can be a good choice for travelers and freelancers who love to travel a lot but still manage to have a stable and secure internet connection.
Network-Based VPN
  • Network-Based VPN
    The second type of main VPN is the Network-Based VPN. The system of the Network-Based VPN is connecting two networks through the unreliable internet network. There are three types of Network-Based VPN. They are MPLS-Based L3VPN, IPsec tunnels, and Dynamic Multipoint VPN. The Network-Based VPN usually widely used by the companies.

For the beginner and people who interesting in VPN area, knowing the types of VPN can give more understanding and knowledge in VPN matters. There are two main types of VPN, named Client-Based VPN and Network-Based VPN.